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 I love to watch colorful fishes swimming here & there in aquariums. So I named the painting as COLORFUL FISHES.
Moreover, this art is based upon a famous tribal art of central India known as GOND ART, which depicts local flora & fauna of the region. This art is different from contemporary art. Here I do not need to focus upon   light & shade on the body of fishes ,unlike contemporary art. I just need to focus on decorating the objects by applying fine & colorful patterns. The challenge is to highlight each & every patterns.
Besides applying variant color patterns on the fishes, I also tried to apply patterns on the background. Every human being differ from one another by appearance, character & mood. So I decorated each & every fish with different shape, color, pattern & mood. I applied dash patterns on hydra in order to depict its softness as well as its rhythm.
Hence, I am very eager to know the views regarding my art  & will be …